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Costume jewellery can be scary to wear for some people as they might not know what outfit to pair with the jewellery or how to mix and match with other jewellery that they wear every day like a watch or a wedding ring. Some would never dream of mixing gold and silver jewellery together but guess what… you totally can!! It is 2017 and we can pretty much do what we want and experiment with what we want, when it comes to fashion and style now. We wanted to show you how our TOTL Angels have been pairing and wearing our rings to give you some inspiration on how you can experiment with colours and styles.

Here is a perfect example of how we have mixed silver/white gold and gold. The emerald green colour helps pair the rings together however, this doesn’t mean you can only pair them together if it has the same coloured stone. As you can see, the other diamond ring underneath the larger green compliments it really well too! We also love the multi coloured nails to match ?

 Now this is a classic combination as we all know… YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH CHANEL!   I just love this combo of the classic CC Chanel rings and we’ve even used it as a midi ring instead too! An important note when pairing rings: Adding a midi ring in to the collection will help spread them apart a little bit and make your hand just look like a piece of art ?

This might not suit everyones preferences but we can tell you that it definitely suits ours. When you have this many vintage designer collectables it’s only normal to want to wear them all at once right? It’s not too simple but it’s not too over done either. We’ve left it with just the two rings as we know they are pretty big however then paired it with this Chanel bracelet too. #handgoals

The biggest ring collection of them all ???

Yes, we have 8 rings in total over both of our hands and we are absolutely in love with this look. If your going to go big then you might as well do it properly! We’ve layered these rings with a total random selection as there are no rules as to what you have to put with what. Experimenting and finding cool looks is one of our favourite things to do and this is our favourite look to show you today!

I wanted to end this blog on a more simple note and to show you looks that everyone can take on board. It is only fair to show you the all time classic and elegant look of a simple diamond ring and nothing else… and how gorgeous does that look? Not only do we have a collection of costume jewellery but we also have a collection of bridal rings too. The diamond pictured above is of course from our amazing bridal collection. Like always, stock is available in our Portobello Road store however you can find us on instagram or contact us through our website.

Have a fab day angels!

Lots of Love